Peanut Butter Apple Toast

This is one of those recipes that aren’t really necessary. I mean, the title says it all. It’s like those fruit salad recipes, you don’t need instructions to dice fruit and put it in a bowl. But I’m going to post this anyway, to give you an idea just in case you happen to be looking for something to have for breakfast today (I say breakfast because maybe it makes me look more professional and organized, but I have this whenever).

This will probably be the shortest post on this website so…here we go!


Half an apple (or more or less, it’s really what you prefer);
One slice of bread;
Peanut butter.


  1. Toast the bread (bet you didn’t see this one coming…);
  2. Meanwhile, slice your apple into half-moon shapes (cut the apple in 4, remove the seeds from each quarter and slice away!);
  3. Spread some peanut butter on the toasted bread;
  4. Display the apple slices however you like.

Nutritional info: for this one you might have to look it up, sooooorry. Because it depends on the bread and how much peanut butter and apple you use. So it depends on all the ingredients! I usually assume it’s around 150 calories max for me, my bread is around 60 and the apple 25. I have no idea how much peanut butter I use but I like to think it’s not over 10 gr, which is 65.


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